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Natanya Levioff

Natanya Levioff is DC Program Director, GreatSchools Inc., where she launched its DC Local program to help parents of lower economic and lower literacy means choose the best schools for and be the best partners they can be in their children's education. Her 17-year career in education spans the government, corporate, small business, and nonprofit sectors. She began her career at the U.S. Department of Education serving in both the Office of Legislation and Congressional Affairs and the Office of Postsecondary Education. She then went to EDS, where she directed customer service representatives resolving borrower issues in the Federal Direct Student Loan Program. She then served as Public Relations Director at a.i. solutions, Inc., where she coordinated the development of several education websites designed to interest elementary and middle school students in science and engineering for the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. She moved to Presidential Classroom, one of the nation's premier civic education organizations, serving as Director of Logistics and Special Projects. Just prior to GreatSchools, Ms. Levioff was Vice President of Operations for StandardsWork, Inc., a national nonprofit dedicated to developing, promoting, and implementing rigorous academic standards; providing professional development for teachers; and engaging parents in their children's education. Ms. Levioff received a B.A. in political science from Syracuse University.

Date Created: July 10, 2020