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Nancy Halpern Ibrahim

Community Health Programs Director
Esperanza Community Housing Corporation

Ms. Ibrahim has designed and implemented Esperanza Community Housing Corporation (ECHC)'s Community Health Promoters Program and forged strong ties with local health institutions and professionals since joining the staff in 1995. She has directly participated in the process of local health systems change and development through active involvement in such organizations as the Health Care consortium of Central Los Angeles, the Community Health Councils, the Children's Planning Council, and the Innovations in Community Health joint Project of California Hospital Medical Center and South Central Family Health Center. She has also represented ECHC in active collaboration with local School District Healthy Start Programs. She has, throughout the development of the Community Health Promoters Program, been a catalyst to the emergence of grassroots health leadership. Ms. Ibrahim received her Master of Public Health degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, and has worked in the field of women's health and development, and in Deaf community education for the past 12 years.

Date Created: July 8, 2020