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Lisa A. Lauxman, Ph.D.

Lisa A. Lauxman, Ph.D., is Director, Division of Youth and 4-H, Institute of Youth, Family, and Community, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), a position she has held since February 2010. In this capacity, she provides national leadership for the 4-H Youth Development Program, which includes positive youth development, curriculum development, formal and informal learning, program quality and peer review processes, organizational management, professional development of staff and volunteers, child and youth military program support, youth development research and evaluation accountability, international positive youth development, and supervisory support. Previously, she worked at USDA in a variety of positions, most recently as the National Children, Youth and Families at Risk Coordinator. Before coming to USDA, she was Acting Assistant Director and Curriculum Coordinator, 4-H Youth Development, Arizona Cooperative Extension. Dr. Lauxman received a B.S. from Kansas State University, M.B.A. from Emporia State University, M.A. in Educational Psychology from the University of Arizona, and Ph.D. in educational psychology.

Date Created: July 9, 2020