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Janet Reno

The Honorable Janet Reno
Attorney General
U.S. Department of Justice

Janet Reno was sworn in as the Nation's first woman Attorney General by President Clinton on March 12, 1993. Her priorities include prevention and early intervention efforts to keep children away from gangs, drugs, and violence, and on the road to strong, healthy, and self-sufficient lives. From 1978 until the time of her appointment, Ms. Reno served as the State's attorney for Dade County, FL. She was initially appointed to the position by the Governor of Florida and was subsequently elected to that office five times. While State's attorney, Ms. Reno focused attention on prevention programs that enabled children to grow in a safe, constructive environment. She helped reform the juvenile justice system and pursued delinquent fathers for child support payments. Ms. Reno also helped establish the Miami Drug Court, which has been a model for -courts around the country. The drug court provides alternative punishment for nonviolent offenders who have a substance abuse problem. More than half of those who have completed the program remain free of drugs. Ms. Reno was also a partner in the Miami-based law firm of Steel, Hector & Davis from 1976 to 1978. Prior to that, she served as an assistant State's attorney and as staff director of the Florida House of Representatives Judiciary Committee. Ms. Reno received her bachelor's degree in chemistry from Cornell University and her juris doctor degree from Harvard Law School.

Date Created: July 8, 2020